Simple, expressive & portable
programming language
for efficient scripting


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Latest release:
v0.9.80 @ 2022-03-18T16:09:20Z

Simple + Expressive

Arturo starts from a very basic principle: the language you use and its syntax should never get in your way. So, we keep it minimal, easy to the eye and totally flexible. Once you learn your first few commands, you'll be practically all set.


Want to ship your scripts anywhere? For any operating system? Without weird dependencies and without asking the user to install an endless list of modules/gems/packages? That's exactly what Arturo was designed for.


Don't remember which library to import to get this super-fancy functionality you need? Cannot even get it to install? No worries! Arturo comes with pretty much anything you'll most likely need to get started - included. Yep.

Get Arturo

Write once. Run everywhere.
Arturo's goal is to be able to run on anything you can imagine.

curl -sSL | sh

On *nix, just copy-paste the code above in your terminal and Arturo's latest stable version will be automatically installed.
To get the most recent (nightly) build, just use: curl -sSL | sh

VersionCompressed file size
Linuxv0.9.802.06 MB  Download
Linux*v0.9.80*0.96 MB  Download
macOSv0.9.801.39 MB  Download
macOS*v0.9.80*0.81 MB  Download
Windowsv0.9.805.51 MB  Download
Windows*v0.9.80*2.63 MB  Download
FreeBSD*v0.9.80*0.88 MB  Download
arm*v0.9.80*0.94 MB  Download
arm64*v0.9.80*0.96 MB  Download
Web*v0.9.80*0.42 MB  Download
Dockerv0.9.80--  Docker Hub

*Mini builds offer the same power but with a tiny subset of the built-in libraries removed, so as to allow for even smaller and more portable binaries. 
If you have problems installing it - or simply because you want to - you can find the complete build & installation instructions here.